Generally speaking, there are four ways to make proposal. First, CPPCC members can make a proposal individually or jointly. Second, during the convocation of a plenary session, a group or a number of groups can make a proposal. Third, a political party or mass organization which is a member of the CPPCC can make a proposal. Fourth, any special committee of a CPPCC committee can make a proposal.



CPPCC Topical Issues

The program series launched in Feb 2019 will serve as a new platform for CPPCC members to give their voice, perform their duties, and actively respond to people's concerns.

CPPCC members reflect on China’s approach to infectious diseases since founding of PRC
CPPCC National Committee members reflect on what should be learned from COVID-19 outbreak


CPPCC members serve as advisers for government, legislative and judicial organs and put forward proposals on major political and social issues.

CPPCC member: China, EU join hands in promoting open world economy
Committee on Proposals innovates ways to improve efficacy of proposal handling

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