CPPCC member: China, EU join hands in promoting open world economy


Former Chinese ambassador to the EU hails the conclusion of the investment agreement negotiations between China and the EU as a landmark success for both sides

Committee on Proposals innovates ways to improve efficacy of proposal handling


This year the Committee on Proposals of the CPPCC National Committee has made a new breakthrough in improving the supervision of key proposals via visits to the relevant departments responsible for handling proposals.

CPPCC members propose measures to develop housing rental market


CPPCC members were invited to discuss and give valuable suggestions on developing China's housing rental market to ensure sufficient affordable housing for urban residents.

Committee on Education, Science, Health and Sport provides sanitation services in Gansu


CPPCC members were organized to offer voluntary health services in Gansu province from Oct 20 to 23.

CPPCC member calls for sustainable development of rare earth resources


China still faces big challenges in promoting the sustainable development and utilization of its non-renewable rare earth resources,said Li.

CPPCC Macao delegation seeks closer cooperation with Fujian


A CPPCC Macao delegation surveyed Fujian province from Sept 22 to 27.

CPPCC members hail Jinjiang Experience in Quanzhou tour


A delegation of CPPCC National Committee members from Macao visited Quanzhou in Fujian province from Sept 24 to 25.


CPPCC members reflect on China’s approach to infectious diseases since founding of PRC


CPPCC members revealed the country's political and institutional strengths in epidemic control and prevention.

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