Bater leads inspection of new infrastructure development in Chongqing


A team led by Bater inspected the development of new-type infrastructure during a visit to Chongqing municipality from May 24 to 28.

Liu Qibao leads inspection of Party history study in Jiangxi


Liu Qibao led an inspection of the study of Party history in East China's Jiangxi province from May 12 to 15.

Li Bin leads survey of eco-environmental protection for lakes in Jiangsu


Li Bin led a survey of eco-environmental protection of China's major lakes in East China's Jiangsu province from April 13 to 16.

Wang Yang stresses importance of border area development, prosperity

Wang Yang stresses importance of border area development, prosperity


Wang Yang has stressed the importance of developing border areas and improving local people's lives during an inspection tour in northeastern Heilongjiang province.

CPPCC delegation to Sichuan recognizes progress in rural compulsory education


A cppcc delegation has concluded an inspection visit to Sichuan province looking at progress made in improving rural schools.

Li Bin leads inspection of national park pilot projects in Fujian


Li Bin led an inspection tour of national park projects in Fujian from Nov 11 - 14.

He Wei affirms national parks’ role in natural resources protection


He Wei called for building national parks featuring socialism with Chinese characteristics during his inspection tour in Jijin from Oct 24 - 28.

Zhang Qingli inspects post-epidemic Hubei


Zhang Qingli led an inspection tour of post-epidemic Hubei province in Central China from Sept 9 to 12.

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