CPPCC members inspect Xinjiang on promoting fine traditional Chinese culture in primary and secondary education

Updated: 2023-10-17 en.cppcc.gov.cn

Hu Chunhua, vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee (CPPCC), led a team to inspect the promotion of fine traditional Chinese culture in primary and middle schools in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, from Oct 9 to 13. 

The team acknowledged Xinjiang's efforts in building a strong sense of community of the Chinese nation with the overall goal of long-term stability and peace. The region has made education of fine traditional Chinese culture an important endeavor in implementing the fundamental tasks of cultivating morality and talent among the local people. After visiting a number of primary and middle schools in Karamay city, Altay and Tacheng prefectures, they found that traditional Chinese culture education in local schools has achieved tangible results through various campus cultural activities with rich local characteristics.

The team stressed the importance of further promoting education on traditional Chinese culture and highlighted the need to improve teaching quality, expand education channels and upgrade relevant collaboration mechanisms. It also called on CPPCC members to leverage their advantages to help advance education on traditional Chinese culture in the country's primary and middle schools.


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