CPPCC holds meeting on optimizing talent structure and strengthening talent forces

Updated: 2023-05-21 en.cppcc.gov.cn

On May 19, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee held a consultative meeting on optimizing the national structure of scientific and technological talents and strengthening the power of strategic talents, one of the key proposals to be handled this year.

Members of the central committees of the China Zhi Gong Party and the Jiu San Society, as well as some members of the CPPCC National Committee, submitted more than 200 proposals focusing on sci-tech talent matters during the first session of the 14th CPPCC National Committee.

Among them, the proposal to optimize the national structure of sci-tech  talents and strengthen the power of strategic talents was approved by the Chairperson's Council meeting of the CPPCC National Committee, becoming one of 72 key proposals for the Committee on Proposals of the CPPCC National Committee to supervise and handle this year.

CPPCC members said that it is necessary to promote a rational layout and the coordinated development of talents, enhance integration between industries and education institutions and collaborations between colleges and enterprises, and develop innovative thinking while cultivating engineering sci-tech talents.

They called for greater efforts to support the development of basic disciplines to ensure talent supply backup for national technological development. They also urged for more international exchanges of talents and the improvement of the evaluation system for sci-tech talents.

Representatives of the proposal organizers, including the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, and the China National Natural Science Foundation briefed CPPCC members on the progress of the handling of the proposal. The proposal's sponsors and organizers exchanged views on how to better organize scientific research at universities, give better play to young talents as leaders in scientific research projects and boost the supply-side structural reform of the scientific research evaluation system.

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