Chang Xinmin: Reaching our goals through reading

Updated: 2023-02-28


Chang Xinmin is a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and former major-general head of the discipline inspection group of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Central Military Commission (CMC) at the CMC Training Management Department. [Photo provided to]


Chang Xinmin (center) attends a symposium on CPPCC members' performance of duty. [Photo provided to]


Chang Xinmin (center) surveys e-commerce poverty alleviation in Huzhu county, Northwest China's Qinghai province. [Photo provided to]

"The importance of reading surpasses everything," said Chang Xinmin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

"There is no limit to learning and increasing one's capabilities." As a CPPCC member, Chang said that he believes he should take part in reading activities, read more good books to equip himself with abundant knowledge, rational thinking and broad horizons, in a bid to give better advice on State affairs and to improve his performance of duty.

He said that CPPCC members need to learn much more as current international and domestic circumstances are getting complicated, and the fields where they deliberate on and participate in the administration of State affairs are expanding.

Chang was once selected as head of an online reading group where CPPCC members read and discuss about Chinese modern history, and he has played a key role in organizing reading activities and calling upon other members to read books. Chang has explored ways to combine reading with members’ performance of duty and the central tasks of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the country. Whenever there is an important meeting or historical event of the CPC, Chang would organize discussions to encourage CPPCC members to exchange ideas and suggestions and try to translate them into real outcomes.

Inspired by Chang, many CPPCC members show a great passion for the activities, and reading has thus become a daily routine, a way of life and a bridge to build consensus.

In another reading group on learning the history of the CPC, Chang worked with Wei Haisheng, another CPPCC member and group head, to organize activities.

They invited several experts to give lectures on the CPC history. Some lectures talked about important historical events in the CPC history, explaining the advantages of the CPC, Marxism, and socialism with Chinese characteristics; some dealt with great historical figures, briefing on their development paths, strategic thinking, leadership skills and work methods; and some touched on extraordinary CPC development, offering chances for members to deeply understand the theory and practice of Marxism.

More than 90 activities have been launched since the reading group was established, which include the reading and learning of recommended books, and lectures given by members and experts.

There are now over 10 learning columns running in the group. The number of group members has surpassed 1,000, who have left more than 50,000 comments and received 250,000 views. The group members have read more than 12 million words of related materials. Through the effort of the two group heads, CPPCC members have become more enthusiastic about learning the CPC history.

As group head, Chang gives responses to every member's comments and would refer to relevant information and experts to respond to any doubts raised by members. He informs every group member of every activity in advance, and replies to their comments throughout the online activities.

Tiring as the job is, Chang, who was once a soldier, always reminds himself of the toughness of the Red Army, who fought for the revolutionary cause of the CPC and the realization of Communist goals.

"Even in the most difficult times, we should place our revolutionary ideals above all others," said Chang.

According to Chang, the reading activities have not only greatly improved members' performance of duty and theoretical thinking, but also laid a foundation for all members to fight in unity.

Chang is also a devoted learner. Before every survey trip, Chang would study related materials in order to come up with valuable questions and suggestions. Based on the reading activities he has participated in, he joined two research projects led by the CPPCC on strengthening national unity and enhancing support for the military in the new era. He has also submitted four proposals, including one on promoting rural vitalization in old revolutionary base areas by developing Red tourism resources. The Ministry of Education took another of his proposals on incorporating the basic knowledge of COVID-19 prevention into textbooks as an important proposal, and applied it to the textbooks of primary and middle schools in the autumn semester of 2020.

"If we can read more books, we will come up with more valuable suggestions in political consultations, and are more likely to build consensus on many issues," Chang said.

Meanwhile, CPPCC members have encouraged people of all circles to read more books, which is also the focus of the reading activities. "Both national and local committees of the CPPCC, as well as everyone around CPPCC members, are driven by the activities, the outcome of which usually turns out to be useful guidance on policies and decisions," noted Chang.

"As CPPCC members, we should take reading as an integral part of life and inspire everyone to take part in and love reading, making the CPPCC an important force behind the drive of building China into a socialist country with strong culture," Chang added.

"It is through reading that we can reach our goals." Chang is convinced that the CPPCC will put forward better proposals on State affairs, build consensus and unite the people, in a bid to make greater contributions to the building of a modern socialist country in all respects and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 

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