Wu Lianghao: Unswerving love for the country and Hong Kong

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Wu Lianghao, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, winner of the Grand Bauhinia Medal of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, a Justice of the Peace, honorary chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations, and vice-chairman of the Friends of Hong Kong Association Ltd [Photo provided to cppcc.gov.cn]


Wu Lianghao (front left) talks with a Hong Kong citizen in a community. [Photo provided to cppcc.gov.cn]

Wu Lianghao, a veteran member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) for 20 years, and a leading person keen on civil society organizations for decades in Hong Kong, has maintained an unswerving love for the country and for Hong Kong.

Performing duties without fear

During the national two sessions in 2021, Wu gave an impassioned speech on "patriots governing Hong Kong", and to his surprise, the short speech won seven rounds of warm applause.

Behind the applause was his strong faith, a faith that Wu, a patriot who loves Hong Kong, has maintained for the past few years, even in the face of death threats from rioters.

In 2014, the illegal "Occupy Central" disrupted Hong Kong's order and the lives of citizens. Wu, a man in his sixties, made up his mind to take action. "I am a member of the CPPCC national committee and head of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations. If I don't stand up, who will?"

On Aug 17, under his leadership, a mighty anti-Occupy Central parade was held. "The enthusiasm for participation was high and the scope of involvement unprecedented in the history of the federation," Wu said. It showed our great determination and strength to safeguard Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.

"Are you afraid?" he was asked.

"We speak out for justice on behalf of the vast majority of Hong Kong compatriots. What fear do we have?" He answered without any hesitation.

In those few years, what worried Wu were the illegal violent incidents in Hong Kong, which undermined social order and the rule of law, caused citizens to live in panic, and threatened national security.

In August 2019, in the face of threats and intimidation, Wu took action again together with leaders of Fujian associations.

Wu said "Facing death threats, Fujian associations held a rally to stop violence, end chaos, and protect families, with the participation of 245 groups and nearly 1,000 representatives." 

Justice will triumph over evil, he said. The unity and bravery of North Point folks of Fujian origin set up a banner of justice in those who are patriotic and love Hong Kong.

Playing a positive role in promoting China's economic and social development and maintaining long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong

As a CPPCC member from Hong Kong, Wu said that he must play a dual positive role to fulfill his duties. "I should not only strive for the economic and social development of China, but also play an active role in maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. This is both a responsibility and a mission."

"We offer advice and suggestions, and promote exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and the mainland, in a bid to boost the development of Hong Kong, and enhance the sense of belonging of Hong Kong people; at the same time, we lead associations and people in supporting the law-based administration by the Hong Kong government, play our role in implementing 'one country, two systems' and maintain Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability," Wu explained.

Wu has made his proposals from the perspective of the benefits of Hong Kong and the country. For example, he suggested enhancing Hong Kong's status as an international financial center, giving full play to its roles of gathering foreign capital, connecting internal and external financial cycles, promoting RMB internationalization, issuing bonds to raise funds, and new economic financing.

Among Hong Kong residents, there are as many as 1.2 million people of Fujian origin, accounting for one-sixth of Hong Kong's total population, Wu works on exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Hong Kong, in the hope of promoting the development of his hometown. The economic, trade and people-to-people exchanges between Fujian and Hong Kong have become closer, with increasing achievements and results.

As a member of the business community, Wu has also seized the opportunities of participating in the economic and social development of the mainland.

Wu said that a number of Hong Kong business people have succeeded in China's reform, opening-up and modernization drive, which has advanced the development of Hong Kong and made contributions to the country.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. He expressed his expectation that Hong Kong can take the opportunity and give full play to its unique advantages in financing, risk assessment, law, accounting, planning, design, engineering, project management and dispute resolution, to stimulate cooperation between the ASEAN and the Chinese mainland for more and greater development opportunities.

Going deep into the grassroots communities

In Wu's view, CPPCC members should perform their duties for the people, and they should go deep into the grassroots and listen to the masses, to dissolve the worries and problems of the masses.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he mobilized around 1,000 deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the CPPCC National Committee, members of the CPPCC committees at  provincial, municipal and county levels in Hong Kong to go deep into about 1,000 villages and communities with a large number of people of Fujian origin, distributing masks and supplies to people.

"It is of great importance. It effectively helped grassroots people prevent the virus and expand their personal connections in Hong Kong. In addition, we established a full grassroots work network," Wu added.

Wu also paid special attention to grassroots citizens in Hong Kong. He promoted the establishment of two grassroots organizations that offer help to taxi drivers who encounter difficulties caused by traffic accidents and medical leave, and serve registered members of public housing residents and their family members.

During his tenure as chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Associations, Wu established a charity association and a charity foundation. Since its establishment, the foundation has donated tens of millions of yuan to charitable projects.

Cultivating young people for a better future for Hong Kong

Wu stressed that he would like to make more efforts to promote the patriotic education of young people from Hong Kong and Macao.

"We are very pleased to see that the SAR government has introduced more compulsory content related to the Chinese nation to students. There are more youth exchange groups between Hong Kong and the mainland, and they are warmly welcomed by Hong Kong students."

Social associations should also make use of social media and online media that young people prefer to use, and cultivate the national sentiment of Hong Kong youths who love the country and Hong Kong.

"We need to help the young generation in Hong Kong deeply understand the importance of integrating into the overall development of the country to progress Hong Kong's development, and to better understand the relationship between national development opportunities and the achievement of personal life goals," Wu said.

At the end of the interview, Wu said he wanted to repeat the conclusion sentence of his speech at a meeting during the 2021 national two sessions.

"I firmly believe that, with the care and support of the CPC Central Committee, the strong backing of the motherland, and with 'patriots governing Hong Kong', Hong Kong's tomorrow will be even better!" 

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