Wang Yang presents awards to outstanding CPPCC members

Updated: 2023-02-02

Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), presented awards to outstanding CPPCC National Committee members of 2022 at a ceremony held in Beijing on Jan 17.

Li Bin, vice-chairwoman and secretary-general of the CPPCC National Committee, chaired the ceremony.

Zhang Qingli, vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee,released the awards on behalf of the CPPCC National Committee.

CPPCC members hadfaithfully fulfilled their duties,improved their skills to serve the people, given advice and reached consensus for the development of the country, according to a statement made by Zhang.

CPPCC members should take the outstanding members as role models and learn from them, remain true to the original aspiration and keep the mission firmly in mind, and work hard to implement the decisions and plans made by the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the requirement for the work of the CPPCC, in a bid to help build a modern socialist country in all respects and advance the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts, the statement said.

A total of 20 members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) received awards for their outstanding performance of duties in 2022. Their major merits are as follows:

Wang Jing (female)

As the chair of a reading group for CPPCC members, Wang has reported on the progress of their reading while discussing State affairs, promoted reading amid the fulfillment of duties, raised public awareness of food safety and safeguarded the quality of food on the tables of each household. In addition, she has fully grasped the essence and methods of political consultation, demonstrated great strength in deepening unity among the people, and showcased a positive image of CPPCC members.

Ye Xiaowen

Ye has worked hard and written many publications promoting the CPC's principles and policies over the last few decades. He has endeavored to make complex policies more understandable by condensing and simplifying them, improve his writing skills, and acquire more knowledge alongside other CPPCC members. Meanwhile, he has come up with many proposals on writing a glorious chapter for the development of Chinese culture, proactively taken part in dialogues and exchanges between different countries and regions, and made unique contributions to civilization exchanges as a CPPCC member.

Tang Weijian

Tang has been committed to promoting law-based philosophy both inside and outside the annual sessions of the CPPCC National Committee, becoming a firm supporter of Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law. He has taken action to expound the Civil Code both online and offline, and has responded to the questions of the public related to the law. Moreover, he has put forward high-quality proposals on advancing the rule of law in China and fully met the expectations of the CPC and the people with a solid knowledge.

Li Yuanyuan

Li remains dedicated to the country and the people. He has taken part in the publicity of great changes and historical achievements among the people in his sector, forged stronger unity among them, cherished the honor of being a CPPCC member, channeled strength from national loyalty into the fulfillment of duties, pushed for the development of China's water resources and environmental protection with constructive proposals, acted on an eco-civilization concept, and publicized the country's practices and experiences in water management abroad.

Wu Hao

Wu has closely followed the CPC and headed to the frontline against the COVID-19 pandemic 28 times, winning the honor of national role models in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus. He has urged greater efforts to beef up the availability of medical resources at the grassroots level, and  raised proposals on the further development of China's healthcare. He is always dedicated to the people's health and the CPC's cause heedless of the weather.

Wu Weiren

Wu, chief designer of China's lunar exploration program, has embarked on a new journey of planetary exploration and come up with candid proposals to safeguard the country's lawful rights and interests in space exploration. During his attendance at the "CPPCC members' passage" and thematic symposiums, he has underscored the spirit of the Chinese manned space program and relevant achievements in a drive to help all Chinese people become more proud, confident and assured in their national identity. An asteroid has been named after him.

Wu Lianghao

Wu has fought on the frontlines to bring violence and chaos to an end, granted full support to the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in law-based governance, and remained committed to bringing more benefits for local people and forging stronger unity in society through innovative approaches. He is a staunch supporter of the implementation of the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong", as well as a role model of the performance of duties as a CPPCC member.

Chen Mengshan

Chen has always cared about work concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers, conducted research on farmland, given his analyses of actual problems, and has put forward corresponding proposals at the annual sessions of the CPPCC National Committee. In addition, he has paid great attention to China's grain and vegetable supply, helped the country gain control over its own food supply, incorporated the topic of rural vitalization into his participation at reading gatherings, and written thematic reports on the big picture of food-related issues that are of great significance in safeguarding people's wellbeing.

Miao Wei

Miao has always kept in mind the CPPCC's cause, shouldered his duties as a CPPCC member, responded to new social circumstances, monitored the healthy growth of the real economy, and taken action to solve new questions and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of the information industry. He is known for his well-grounded research, rigorous arguments and precise proposals. His competence in resolving major issues through minor cutting points has been crucial for him to perform his duties as a CPPCC member.

Fan Di'an

Fan has organized thematic artistic productions and created many excellent works for the celebration of major events, showcasing the unique image of CPPCC members. He has put forward proposals for the further development of the artistic and literary sectors, and has composed writings on theoretic explanation to demonstrate national image and the institutional strength of the CPPCC. In addition, he has used paint brushes to portray national development, help maintain momentum and work together for a bright chapter in the new era.

Justin Yifu Lin

Lin remains committed to the country and the pursuit of truth. He has sought theoretical innovation on the basis of China's national conditions, given his insight on the country's development, conducted research on high-quality development using a problem-oriented approach, expounded the laws governing economic activities, and bolstered confidence in economic growth. With rich experience as a CPPCC member, he has fulfilled his two-way political duties in the new era.

Ji Zhiye

With a profound theoretical knowledge, Ji has followed international issues for a long time, written proposals with global vision and from strategic heights, integrated reading with the performance of duties, interacted with the public both online and offline, made the utmost effort to promote the popularity of reading among the CPPCC, become better connected with the people, strengthened the publicity of the CPC's policies, and pooled wisdom by drawing the widest possible inclusive circle.

Zheng Dafa

With a great sense of responsibility, Zheng has provided insight for the work on ethnic affairs to consolidate the sense of community for the Chinese nation, and conducted three-year inspection activities for rural vitalization in ethnic minority areas. In addition, he has stood on the frontline and made the nation’s voice heard to refute groundless accusations from the West and safeguard national rights and interests.

Xu Xiaohong

Xu has held a firm political stance, adhered to the development of Christianity with Chinese characteristics, fought back groundless smears against China, come up with constructive and long-term proposals for the management of religious affairs, forged consensus and closely united people with religious beliefs around the CPC and the government.

Chang Xinmin

As a People's Liberation Army officer, Chang has remained committed to the performance of duties for the country and the people, and striven for excellence in the workplace. He has acted as the host of a reading group of CPPCC members for eight sessions, led them to study the guiding principles of the 20th CPC National Congress, made relevant reading activities more spirited and organized, and promoted the popularity of reading in society.

Fu Chuan

Always put the country first, Fu has met the demands of the new era in research activities, given professional views reflected in policies, adhered to a people-centered philosophy, cared for the wellbeing of the people, and helped the public fully benefit from digital life. As a member of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, he has remained true to the original aspiration for political cooperation and held firm his political stance. As a CPPCC member, he has made full use of his strength in the fulfillment of his duties.

Lai Ming

Lai has remained true to the original aspiration, forged consensus, shouldered his due responsibilities, striven in unity to draw the widest possible inclusive circle, pushed for the implementation of the country's carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality goals, paid close attention to food security, conducted in-depth research and reflection for the introduction of high-quality proposals, and advanced political consultation around the central work of the CPPCC. His proposals are full of wisdom and he has exerted positive influence on other CPPCC members in the reading group. He is a down-to-earth person and seeks full enjoyment in the performance of duties.

Pan Xinyang

Pan has firmly opposed any separatist activities seeking "Taiwan independence", made his voice heard, conducted in-depth research on Taiwan-related issues in political consultation and the deliberation of State affairs, strengthened connections with Taiwan, made the Chinese mainland's glorious achievements better known by the Taiwan people, and deepened spiritual bonds between people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits. Everything he has done is working toward helping people become reunited and achieve reunification on the two sides of the Straits.

Pan Biling

Pan has guided the reading of classical revolutionary works, made precise proposals for the ecological protection of the Yangtze River, remained highly spirited in his participation in political affairs, held high his sense of responsibility, and met the expectations of him in both the CPPCC and the workplace. He has also responded directly and found solutions to questions and endeavored to write a new chapter of glory and dreams with the performance of duties.

Yan Ying (female)

Yan has closely followed the development of China's "gazelle" enterprises and unicorns, nurtured invisible champions, made proposals for high-quality development, cared for entrepreneurs and employees, struck a balance between their interests, and done her utmost to expand the channels for government-enterprise interactions. She has used positive guidance to support the healthy development of the private sector and encourage them to write a glorious chapter in the new era.

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