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CPPCC members offer suggestions on carbon targets

Updated: 2022-03-18chinadaily.com.cn

From renewable energy to green building and data sharing, members of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) have made suggestions on multiple fronts to help achieve the country's carbon emission peak and carbon neutrality goals during the annual session of the CPPCC National Committee.

It's important to pilot the integration of multi-energy systems and support solar and wind power generation in areas with the right conditions, Meng Xianming said.

Meng said he believes simultaneous wind and solar energy harvesting can reduce the operation cost for the shared use of power infrastructure, such as transmission lines and transformer substations. He also supported pilot projects that promote the transition from coal to cleaner energy sources and innovative utilization of geothermal energy, which will drive market demand and reduce carbon emissions.

Hu Wanning said efforts are needed to enable the public to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, such as organizing community-based programs on saving on water and electricity. Hu also suggested boosting the technical system to support green buildings and highlighting green performance of construction procedures.

Considering that the ocean plays a fundamental role in global climate change and the carbon cycle, it's necessary to raise the bar in protecting the marine environment, according to Liu Zhixin. Liu advocated a coordinated land-sea development approach to improve sustainability, such as relocating segments of the maritime industry from the coast to inland areas and giving priority to low-carbon transformation.

Chang Zengyue called for focusing more on timely data sharing and collaborative efforts to achieve the ambitious carbon targets. He said some statistical data needs a long time to go through required procedures before becoming public, but this may also delay the response to environmental protection issues. As a solution, he called for greater coordination at the State level to set up a regular channel or inter-agency consultation for data sharing. 

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