Wang Yongqing urges efforts to bolster senior citizen-friendly environment


Wang Yongqing, vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, led a team to survey the progress in improving accessibility for senior citizens in Southwest China's Sichuan province from Sept 15 to 18. 

The team talked to senior residents and grassroots workers at bus stations, subways, residential communities, service centers, nursing homes, hospitals and enterprises in the cities of Meishan, Ziyang and Chengdu during their tour in Sichuan. 

They held meetings with representatives of government departments, nursing homes, enterprises and senior residents to collect suggestions and exchange ideas. 

Wang spoke highly of the practices and innovations made by Sichuan, as well as its achievements in creating a more accessible environment for senior citizens and raising people's awareness of traditional Chinese virtues such as filial piety and respect for the elderly. 

Wang said these improvements are an important move to tackle problems caused by China’s ageing population and a systematic program that requires persistent efforts of the whole society. He called for even better services and facilities that can make life more convenient for senior citizens. 

He also called for efforts to improve working mechanisms, standardize policies, set up demonstration organizations, leverage various kinds of resources, and raise public awareness.

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