Gao Yunlong surveys financial support for manufacturing industry in Shanxi


A team led by Gao Yunlong, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), visited North China's Shanxi province from Sept 14 to 17 to survey the coordinated development between the financial and manufacturing sectors.

The team composed of members of the Committee on Economic Affairs of the CPPCC National Committee held a meeting with local authorities, where Gao commended the province for its pioneering practices, innovative measures and sound progress in expanding financial support to the real economy, especially the manufacturing sector.

Gao said China's traditional manufacturing industry is still upgrading at a relatively slow pace and the advanced manufacturing industry, despite seeing some progress, still faces challenges that are impeding critical technological breakthroughs. It is necessary to constantly upgrade the manufacturing industry and guide more financial resources toward this endeavor, especially for high-end manufacturing.

In recognition of the good foundation and vibrant growth of Shanxi's manufacturing industry, Gao urged the province to continue its industrial restructuring efforts, use its comparative advantages, and value the roles of private enterprises. He said he also hopes Shanxi could blaze a new trail in carrying out comprehensive energy revolution reforms as a pilot.

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