CPPCC team inspects poverty alleviation follow-up work in Sichuan

Updated: 2021-06-12chinadaily.com.cn

A team led by Bater, vice-chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), examined efforts to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation achievements during a visit to Southwest China's Sichuan province from June 7 to 10. 

The team was composed of non-Party members of the CPPCC National Committee, who are from two of the committee's 34 participating groups – the ethnic minorities group and the religion group. 

They inspected a modern agricultural park and a government-funded settlement site for relocated residents in the province's Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, once a deeply impoverished mountainous region which has successfully eradicated absolute poverty.

Bater hailed the tremendous development of Liangshan as an epitome of the "leapfrog development" of the country's ethnic minority regions, as well as a manifestation of the advantages of the CPC leadership and socialism with Chinese characteristics. 

He said it's imperative to advance a shift in policy focus from poverty alleviation to promoting rural revitalization, address barriers to the popularization of standard spoken and written Chinese, and boost the growth of industries with distinctive rural characteristics.

During the visit, Bater also presided over a meeting about how the CPPCC National Committee can better communicate with and guide the local CPPCC committees to make the institutional strength of the CPPCC system more conducive to state governance.

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