Q&As on novel coronavirus prevention and control

Updated: 2020-02-27 govt.chinadaily.com.cn

Q: Can patients cured of novel coronavirus pneumonia be infected again?

A: After the patient is cured, there is a small chance of re-infection. If positive results occur again after discharge, it may be due to different sensitivity of the virus nucleic acid detection kit. In general, cured patients develop antibodies and have little chance of re-infection.

Q: How do you protect yourself when you go to the hairdresser's for a haircut?

A: Wear a mask at all times and try not to chat with the hairdresser. The distance between customer seats should be more than 1.5 meters. Clean and disinfect hands after touching anything in the store.

Q: Is there a risk of cross-infection when a child is ill and goes to the hospital?

A: Parents should not be reluctant to take their children to the hospital for fear of cross-infection. Children's diseases, especially young children's, can obviously change in a very short period of time; staying at home may delay the treatment. When seeing a doctor, children and parents must take proper protective measures. Avoid going to the hospital during rush hours if it is not an emergency.

Q: Some shopping malls recently restarted operation. How can they carry out epidemic prevention and control work?

A: They should strengthen indoor air circulation, clean and disinfect regularly every day, and increase disinfection frequency for object surfaces with high frequency contact. Conduct temperature measurement at the entrance and avoid allowing crowds to gather in the mall. Employees and customers should wear masks in the mall and keep their distance when communicating.

Q: How is correct disinfection carried out in different places under different circumstances?

A: At isolation wards and patients' residences, concurrent and terminal disinfection should be carried out. Disinfection frequency should be increased on the surface of objects in crowded places such as hospitals, airports and stations. Cleaning and disinfection on door handles and elevator push buttons that have high frequency contacts should be strengthened. Garbage, feces and sewage should be collected and harmlessly treated. Individuals must maintain hand hygiene.

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