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Unleash digital economy potential and rapidly develop industrial internet: Gu Shengzu

Updated: 2020-01-13 chinadaily.com.cn

A research group from the China National Democratic Construction Association Central Committee recently visited the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and held a symposium on accelerating the construction of industrial internet. 

The delegation was led by vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee Gu Shengzu, who's also the executive vice-chairman of the Central Committee of the CNDCA. 

Gu said that the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance in recent years to the development of industrial internet, which has attracted a high level of attention from the CPPCC National Committee and non-Communist parties. 

Industrial internet is the foundation of digital economic development, and is expected to unleash the growth potential of the digital economy and promote high-quality economic development. 

Accelerating the construction of industrial internet is conducive to leading industrial transformation and upgrades, promoting the quality and efficiency of industrial development. It will also be helpful for cultivating and strengthening the new industry dynamic, forging new economic growth drivers, and securing the scheduled fulfillment of building a well-off society. 

Gu pointed out that, in the future, the development of industrial internet shall be supported through five means. 

The first is to accelerate the process of forging a new nationwide system in the market economy for critical core technology breakthroughs, and strive to build an industrial internet technology innovation system. 

The second is to nurture an open, integrated and shared industrial internet ecology, and establish a world-class industrial internet platform. 

The third is to jointly construct an industrial internet public service platform, and guide small- and medium-sized enterprises to fully integrate themselves into industrial internet development.  

The fourth is to continue to vigorously develop technological financing services designed to support the construction of industrial internet, and develop the financial system's important role in serving industrial internet enterprises.  

The fifth is to strengthen the risk prevention and control of internet security, and promote the construction of an industrial internet security system. 

Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei met the delegation, while the vice-minister Chen Zhaoxiong chaired the symposium. 

Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Hequan and Gao Jinji, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yin Hao participated in the symposium, and respectively introduced the latest developments in the industrial internet, 5G and artificial intelligence technologies.

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