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CPPCC Committee on Economic Affairs conducts field research in Shaanxi and Shanghai

Updated: 2019-12-03 chinadaily.com.cn

Liu Shijin and Yu Guangzhou, vice-chairmen of the Committee on Economic Affairs of CPPCC National Committee, led a special group aiming to strengthen and improve the financial services of private enterprises conduct field research in Xi'an, Xianyang, and Weinan of Shaanxi province and Shanghai from Oct 28-31 and Nov 12-15. 

During the trips, the group conducted in-depth inspections at more than 20 private enterprises and financial institutions, held more than 10 specialized seminars for government departments, financial institutions, and private enterprises. They discussed extensively on related issues, and acquired first-hand situations and information.


The special group investigates in a private enterprise in Weinan city of Shaanxi province. [Photo/cppcc.gov.cn]


The special group visits private internet enterprises in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. [Photo/cppcc.gov.cn]


The special group investigates the high-tech private enterprises in the incubating zone in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. [Photo/cppcc.gov.cn]


The special group holds a discussion meeting. [Photo/cppcc.gov.cn]

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