Charter of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

Updated: 2018-12-27

Chapter VI: Emblem

Article 61

The CPPCC emblem is an image composed of a five-pointed star, a gear and ears of wheat, four red flags and ribbons, a map of China and the Earth, and "1949" and "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" in Chinese.

Article 62

On the CPPCC emblem, the five-pointed star represents the leadership of the CPC; the gear and the ears of wheat represent the worker-farmer alliance as the foundation; the red flags and ribbons represent the great unity and solidarity of all parties, organizations, ethnic groups, and social strata; the map of China and the Earth represent the unity of the entire Chinese people, including the people of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Macao Special Administrative Region, and Taiwan, and overseas Chinese; and "1949" and "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference" are, respectively, the founding year and name.

Article 63

All participating organizations and individuals of the CPPCC must protect the dignity of the emblem. Production and use of the emblem shall be in accordance with regulations.

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